Fitivation founder

What is Fitivation? The Achievement of Reaching the Goal You Were Motivated to Seek…
Always recognized as a great client motivator over the course of his 20 year career, DaMega realized that not only was his star-studded roster seeing great results, but also that they were the basis of his longevity in the fitness industry: “Since my youth, I’ve always been into creating and maintaining a healthy space in all aspects of my life; I refused to let exterior circumstances dictate my development. Having this mindset always made it easy for me to achieve my goals. It became second nature. When my clients began to see the same results I was so accustomed to, I realized that I was not only motivating and inspiring, but taking them all the way . . . hence the evolution of “Fitivation.” I’m all about proving that my theories are real, and when you’re doing the right thing, you can make it happen anywhere. I am a testament of my own product. I created and perfected EZPLEXITY through my own trials, and now that it has been mastered, it’s time to share it with the world.

–DaMega on EZPLEXITY and The DaMega Code. Many exercise programs claim that such a large number of gym inhabitants are not seeing results after reaching a certain stage of working out is because their muscles have reached their peak and must be “confused” in order to attain new heights and full potential. The DaMega Code dispels this myth by stating the obvious: “Nothing in your life should ever be in a state of confusion, especially your body. Not achieving the results you expect in the gym is directly related to focusing on the wrong element. You have to ask yourself, “Do I even know what my maximum potential is?” and furthermore, “Have I been working the right area to get the results I’ve been expecting?” The answer to both of these questions is usually a resounding “NO!” I’ve encountered clients that had the “best body” as recognized by the typical standard, but other vital areas of their lives were in complete disarray or states of total confusion. Fitivation allows you to dig deep to find those areas in need of structure that are hindering your growth. Is this program easier said than done?

If you’ve ever heard the expression “put your money where your mouth is,” you know that life is all about putting your dreams into action . . . so put action into your dreams! Don’t just talk about how great you want to look next season, put your mind into motion and make it happen. You will only get out of our body that which you put into it, so make it your business to understand all aspects of EZPLEXITY—particularly the principle of 360 degree balance. Aside from keeping your key elements aligned, learn the benefits of PH balance in your body through the intake of alkaline water. DaMega, a pioneer refiner of fitness science, is also the first to introduce his own patented water alkalizer: the AlkaLean Machine. Educating yourself on this aspect of EZPLEXITY is a major segment on your road trip to total fitness.