Mega Q&A

What inspired The Code and how does The Code inspire?

The bullet in my back let me know that I’m bulletproof and have the ability to define my future. That little reminder, left behind after a botched robbery attempt, proved that I’m a living example of Quantum Fitness—mind over matter. I found that in many life or death scenarios, a high percentage of cases had a positive outcome because the patient’s mind was stronger than the body and transmitted that energy through codes to areas in need, creating balance and banishing weaknesses. It’s all about using every muscle in your body to survive. Once I surpassed survival, I never stopped.

How do you know EZPLEXITY works?

I am living proof! With over 20 years of experience and certifications, I know how the body works and what can help or hinder positive progression. It has a lot more to do with attitude, focus, and life balance than most people realize. Those that inhabit the EZPLEXITY lifestyle have a certain mindset; some are born with it, others must be trained. A change can be made no matter where you stand in your fitness, but it is a CHOICE to follow The Code. I find that many people admire the results they see in my celebrity clients, and what I have to explain to them is that those results come largely from strong character, dedication, and confidence.

How do I balance my everyday life and the codes of EZPLEXITY?

The elements of EZPLEXITY create balance; The Code has factored this important piece into its structure. You don’t have to change a thing or overthink the process, because any necessary changes will occur inherently if you adhere to the art form of EZPLEXITY.

I’ve had the same routine for so many years . . . how do I effectively incorporate The Code?

Focus not on changing your body, but your MIND! This is the first step in Quantum Fitness. The mind is so powerful that it can dictate what you do everywhere else in your life. Make the serious decision to be fit, and the rest will follow.

How can I teach my children the benefits of EZPLEXITY and keep them motivated?
Well believe it or not, I did some research and it shows that kids are more enthusiastic about exercise than we give them credit for! VIDEO games have taken away kids’ relationship with fitness outside of physical education in school, but the art of EZPLEXITY can give children the keys to a successful physical and mental home.