Quantum Fitness

quantum – a discrete, indivisible manifestation of a physical property, such as a force or angular momentum.

KEEP IT SIMPLE. In fitness it’s the small things that make a difference in results. A simple adjustment in attitude and optimism or faith can produce amazing changes. No one can read your mind, but never forget that your thoughts are directly related to your actions, and ultimately your outcomes. The EZ movements of EZPLEXITY will produce dynamic results if you remain dedicated and consistent, just like any other aspects of life. Don’t Involve: EVOLVE. Involvement keeps you stagnant, making it difficult to see the road that lies ahead of you. Evolution is a natural transformation determined by your action and the environment you choose, making it easier to achieve your results. EZPLEXITY employs easy movements that bring complex results. What this means is that the custom exercises configured into The DaMega Code are based on the natural movement of your body, which are the motions your creator intended. When DaMega refers to the term “Quantum Fitness,” he is emphasizing the element of momentum, which stimulates the subject to keep their eyes on the prize. The Code is in all of us. Everyone who has incorporated exercise as a lifestyle element raves about the benefits. Great academics, athletics, and achievement go hand-in-hand, so why wait until you MUST change your life to be healthy? Why wait until adulthood to reverse the effects of a counterproductive lifestyle? Kids should START NOW! This revelation led to the development of MegaCode Kids. A.D.S. (Always Doing Something) Another principle of EZPLEXITY is A.D.S. Like advertising, you must always find a creative way to stay focused on your fitness goals, sometimes selling even yourself on the idea.

How much time does the average person spend watching TV, playing games on the internet, or simply messing with their cell phone? Studies show roughly 3.5 hours per day on average. Borrowing just one hour a day from technological leisure activities would improve your health by 50%. Gaming companies with consoles like Wii and games like Xbox Kinect are winning because they satisfy the desire for visual consumption AND the necessity of being active at the same time. Although EZPLEXITY is a simple program to follow, it is still a life choice and each day can be a challenge in the beginning. The DaMega Code makes the choice an easy one by providing tools that will help you stay excited about being your best. Keeping your hands busy will guarantee that you are practicing the principle of A.D.S. Picking up a MegaMed Ball, a set of EZPLEXITY Balance Bars, or Tension Bands are all great ways to set off your workout, because sometimes just getting started can be the biggest challenge. These tools can get the proverbial ball rolling anywhere, anytime, and cost less than one month’s membership at the gym. N.B.M. (Natural Body Movement) The N.B.M. principle is based upon using the natural movement of your body to create balance and muscle momentum, working muscles in the motion they were intended, consistently.

Codes of muscle behavior convert from the mind to the muscles. The Code enforces mind over matter, giving you the freedom to use your brain’s strength to control the body; once you master internalizing this process, which creates the “lifestyle,” you will then be in control of your fitness future. The art of EZPLEXITY supports the goal of health longevity. Following The Code movements of EZPLEXITY can help bring your body to its best shape; you won’t want to go back to your old ways and habits. Make it EZ