The code foundation

Our Vision

To exile childhood obesity globally by educating parents and children who are affected by this mean disease.

Our Mission Statement

Through positive reinforcement, healthy eating and exercising, to better understand, prevent, and get rid of obesity and improve the lives of those affected.

Our Values

The Code Foundation is committed to improve the lives of children with obesity; The Code Foundation, its members and staff pledge to uphold:

  • Compassion: For the lives and situations of those living with obesity.
  • Responsibility: For advocacy, treatment and investigation, all working toward a cure for obesity.
  • Respect: For each other and all who are touched by obesity.
  • Progress: For furthering knowledge about obesity using appropriate scientific standards.
  • Mentorship: For helping, teaching and supporting our colleagues.
  • Highest Ethical Standards: For all our actions, writings, programs, and services.