Top 6 fitness myth

  • 1. I have to go the gym to get in shape. You can get in shape right where you are! Many people avoid exercise because they have been programmed to believe that they have to go to the gym and use numerous complicated machines to improve their bodies. Not true! 98% of gym inhabitants are using the machines incorrectly, and with no direction . . . hence no results.
  • 2. Permanent Weight loss guarantees. Many programs out there, some consisting of various dietary supplements and expensive equipment, promise certain results. While your goal may be reached, just how long do you think it can be maintained? It’s much easier to adopt a lifestyle that has proven results than a “regimen” built from fabricated testimonials.
  • 3. Muscles must be “confused” to reach desired results. By definition, the word confusion is synonymous with the terms turmoil, jumble, mess, bewilderment, indistinctness, disorder, and lack of clarity, etc. The list goes on and the description does not get any better. You should avoid confusion in any part of your life; these explanations are used to “confuse” YOU . . . into purchasing a system that will not satisfy your long term needs or goals.
  • 4. I will become too muscular. Many clients, particularly females, believe that working out every day will give them a bodybuilder look. Daily exercise and increasingly working your natural body movements will only define your figure and tone your body to perfection.
  • 5. You must maintain a very strict diet. The more you eat, the more you should workout. Yes, it’s that simple! Starving yourself is never the answer; the body requires many nutrients to be healthy regardless of your physical appearance. You must understand that we as humans are not designed to mirror each other. You have to know that being fit is about being in the best shape for your build and genetics.
  • 6. Your training method has to be hardcore to see great results. The good news: There is a method that will work for you! EZPLEXITY provides a relatively smooth workout that does not overextend your body. Of course, “No pain, no gain!” so you will most likely experience some slight muscle tenderness as you progress.