What is Ezplexity?

  • Universal Total Body Fitness Defined
  • A complete health system designed to enhance mental awareness of one’s physical prosperity level and, with proper guidance, the drive to increase it.
  • A regimen that invigorates the Orbit of your body’s key elements through nerve synchronization
  • A new lifestyle that promotes pinnacle health and well-being.

The Mind Body & Soul = The Body “Orbit”

DaMega’s initial drive to create EZPLEXITY came from his desire to show people how they could achieve who they wanted to be: by simply taking control of their own lives. Everyone deserves to be healthy and strong—mentally, physically, and spiritually. This powerful combination comprises The DaMega Code.

Why is EZPLEXITY considered an art?

EZPLEXITY is categorized as a no-nonsense result-driven art form of fitness because like any artistic form of expression, basic fundamentals must be met before applying one’s own creativity to personalize the process that works best for you. Since your body is a work of art, to begin you must have a brush, paint, and a canvas to create the image you desire. Similarly, the world’s best singers must tune and prepare their vocal chords to ensure an optimum performance, and any to EZPLEXITY is about knowing your Code to Muscle Motion Longevity code – any system or collection of rules and principles that provide order to one or more broad areas of life. A symbolic arrangement of statements or instructions. The Mind sends codes to the muscles all the time; once you have broken the code for each muscle you want to work, the rest is easy. While others look to “confuse” muscles, EZPLEXITY uses the element of motivation—not only of the muscles (the Body), but of the Mind and Spirit as well. DaMega has created a chart of original exercises which target specific areas of your body, many of them working various muscles groups simultaneously. What makes people dedicate themselves to EZPLEXITY? RESULTS! It can’t be emphasized enough that EXPLEXITY is a lifestyle consisting of an elite member’s community whose existence is defined by balance—mental, physical, and spiritual (Mind/Body/Soul)—to maintain their status. Until now, fitness trainer DaMega’s formula was only available to his client base, individuals found exclusively in the upper echelon of the entertainment world. From professional athletes to actors and executives, this group has benefited from DaMega’s Code, personalized to suit their needs. EZPLEXITY is about choices; everyone has the right to a great life, but YOU must make the decision to put 110% into that goal. WITH EZPLEXITY YOU DON’T HAVE TO CHANGE A THING. SIMPLY LIVE BY THE CODE, AND EZPLEXITY WILL CHANGE IT FOR YOU. Each exercise motivates targeted muscles, while toning your body “encasement.” Your body only looks as good on the outside as it operates on the inside; therefore what you see and share with the world is an external reflection of what’s happening within.